Thursday, May 22, 2014

We're back! ~priddymomma

Hey guys!  It has been a while, eh?  We moms know how the things we desire to do (blogging, for instance) get put on the back burner quite often.  In this case, it looks like it was removed from the stove entirely.  We're hoping to change that and get back to it.  {Thanks for reading!  I post Thursdays!}

Wow.  When we last left our heroes, I had just had a jolly good time with my van in the sinkhole/pot hole outside of our crappy little rented house.  That seems like a decade ago.  I will give you the highlights on the van, if you care.  If not, skip to the next paragraph.  Turns out the van was flooded with gas, mostly from my husband flooring it as he tried to get out of the pot hole/bottomless pit.  It cost an arm and a leg to repair, and we had to open a line of credit to do it, which was really kind of awful, but with tax season right around the corner, we figured we'd pay it off when we got our tax return (which we did).  We had another BIG VAN THING since then, but unrelated.  It only cost half as much as well.  

{Hello impatient folks!} We were searching for a house when I left off here.  This is a really long story to relay, so I'll give you the highlight reel.  We liked a place that was a short sale (code for "in your dreams/takes forever!").  When the tax check came in February (because we were on it like that), we put in an offer for the place.  FIVE WEEKS LATER, we still hadn't got a response for the bank.  And then a new place went up for sale.  It was perfect.  We went to see it the day after it was posted, and we weren't even the first to get to see it!  We made an offer that night, and two other offers were already standing on the place!  Long story short, they accepted our offer the very next day and our conditions and even paid for our first year of flood insurance when it was discovered to be in a flood plain.  They are awesome.  

Anywho, we moved, the kids had their joint birthday party (Cheerio Champ is 6, and Princess Cheerio is 2!), we hosted Easter brunch two weeks later, and two weeks after that we had our housewarming party.  Whew!  Talk about a whirlwind! 

All of that assumes that you have been reading.  If you haven't, welcome!  I'm priddymomma/Heather.  I will be your oftentimes sarcastic, sometimes witty, always-trying-to-be-funny blogger.  Yay, right?  Just what you needed in your life, I'm sure.  I am a stay at home mom to two adorable, though very loud children.  I am happily married (8 years!) to my high school sweetheart.  

If you were to step into my household right at the moment, you would find my daughter maybe falling asleep finally for her nap (nope.  False alarm).  You would hear my son (again with the loud), though not see him as it is quiet time for the little monster, and he is in his room.  And you would find me, typing at the computer, with poor posture, frazzled looking, and wearing yoga pants that are at least as old as my son.  

My husband just called to see if there was anything he could do or get for me on the way home.  Isn't that sweet?  Actually, he does that nearly every day, and I can't decide how I feel about it.  Does he do it to be sweet?  Does he do it because he wants to make sure he doesn't have to run out again once he gets home?  Or does he do it because he doesn't want to get in trouble for having an abysmal memory/selective hearing and completely forget/miss something I mentioned the night before that I needed for him to do on the way home?  I don't know.  

See?  You'd also see me being a lunatic about nothing.  You would also see toy chaos all throughout the house, except in the kids' rooms.  Ironically, they don't seem to want their rooms to be messy.  Go figure.  You would wonder why I haven't cleaned up from lunch yet when it ended an hour ago (because I am a free person, okay??). 

What I would like to stress to you mothers and fathers out there is that I am not perfect.  I am in no way a perfect parent either.  And if only perfect parent people blogged, it would be extremely boring.  In fact, reading a perfect parent blog I'm pretty sure would result in an instant need for me to commit a violent act.  Like, for instance, going on a mommy rampage through my thigh high lawn (long story), smashing dandelions with a purple plastic bat while screaming incoherently.  Just throwing that out there.  Quit looking at me like that!

No judgement here, dudes.  Laugh, cry, fart.  Whatever!  I hope to be able to bring a bit of humor to your day, to help you to laugh at yourself (and me of course), and to bring some topics to mind that are important so that maybe we'll all learn a little something here if we're lucky.  

Until next time, then!  :) 

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