Thursday, June 5, 2014

10 Things My Kids Do Now that I Will Miss Later On~priddymomma

Hey guys!  I can’t pick just ten things I’ll miss when both my kids are grown!  I’m going to pick ten for each of them.  Sue me.

10 Things I’ll miss about Cheerio Champ:

  1. How he thinks rude noises and stupid jokes are funny.  To be honest, being a boy and being in this family, he will probably still laugh about such things when he is older.  I’m sure there will be more eye rolling and reluctant laughter though.
  2. The way he gets so interested in books, movies, and video games, and then has to tell me every little thing about them.  Later, it will be like pulling teeth to find out if he did anything interesting that day.
  3. All his questions.  He is still learning about the world, and some of the questions he asks me make me laugh.  Kids have unique perspectives.  I will miss him calling blimps “barrel-kites.”  I think it is a better name for them, truthfully.
  4. How he won’t touch worms, but his little sister will.  I’m sure he’ll grow out of that, but ha ha!
  5. His crazy confidence as he belts out tunes, and his need to read the lyrics to be sure he has the words correct.  I love that we’ve managed to bring him up in an environment that hasn’t made him self-conscious about his singing abilities, so he feels comfortable belting out numbers any time he has a song in his heart. 
  6. How crazy gentle he is with his little sister.  Yes, there are times that I have to rescue her from him, but there are countless times when he takes her hand and protects her or shows her how to do something.  Like when he took her hand and helped her across our yard, steering her around a hole.  Or when mom and dad were cooking and didn’t have the spare time to read her a story she wanted to read, and he pulled her into his lap to read it not once but twice just because he didn’t want her to be sad.  I’m sure he will always protect and love his sister, but not so openly and honestly.  And later there will be more name calling and such. 
  7. How much he loves his uncle.  Cheerio Champ is so much like my brother when he was growing up.  They are always complete goof balls together, and they have the same ridiculous grin when they are goofing off.  I love seeing the two of them roughhousing and being dorks.
  8. How two of his biggest interests are cooking and gardening.  Eventually there will be other, less productive things that entertain him, but I feel like I’m doing a pretty good job every time he asks to go see his garden patch to check up on his pumpkins.
  9. His love and respect for his dad.  I hope that doesn’t go away.  In his eyes, his dad is the coolest person that ever was.  He wants to be just like him, and he constantly repeats phrases that he heard his daddy say.  When dad says he’ll do something with him, his world is complete. 
  10. How he hugs me when he’s feeling like he needs a hug, and not hugging me just because I told him to.  He wraps his arms gently around my shoulders and doesn’t even squeeze.  He just holds his arms gently around me while I hug him tight, and he closes his eyes and smiles.  My sweet little man.   

10 Things I’ll Miss about Princess Cheerio:

  1. Her curiosity.  She is interested in literally everything.  I love being able to introduce new things to her. 
  2. How she is a complete and absolute goof ball at times.  She makes faces, starts tickle fights, and makes the strangest noises just to be silly.  She’ll eventually care a bit more what she looks like and what other people think.  I’ll also miss how serious she is sometimes.  It is just so cute on a two year old.
  3. Her love for water.  Maybe she won’t grow out of this one.  She loves anything to do with water.  The downside to this primarily is that she makes messes with water any time we’re not looking.  That makes it sound like growing out of it would be a good thing, but you haven’t seen the joy on the girl’s face when she can splash. 
  4. When she asks me to cuddle her.  She is my little cuddle bug.  I love cuddling with her, and boy am I going to miss that later! 
  5. The way she mispronounces things or slurs words together in super cute ways.  “Scooby Snacks” become “Coobee Nax,” for example.  I don’t even want to correct her. 
  6. Her belly laugh.  I will miss the heck out of her belly laugh when she gets tickled.  It is contagious, and always makes me laugh too.  She loves being tickled, and regularly asks for me to tickle her.
  7. How much she loves her taggie blankie.  I made it for her, and she treasures it over the store bought one I picked up around the same time.  It looks truly awful these days, but she takes it everywhere.  She twirls the ribbons around her finger as she falls asleep.
  8. Run-hugs.  We have this thing we do, where she’ll stand across the room and open her arms wide, a big grin on her face.  I’ll do the same thing while sitting or kneeling.  She then races across the room and jumps into my arms, while we giggle and hug and say “aww! I love you.”  I will miss the pants off of that tradition. 
  9. How much she loves papaw.  She took right to him.  She is papaw’s little girl, and everybody knows it.  Other than me and my husband, he is the only other person she will do the run-hug with.  I’m sure she’ll always love her papaw, but you know.  Something special about wee ones and grandparents.
  10. How she gives me love when she knows I’m feeling upset.  She’ll come up behind me and hug me really gently, or she’ll pet my face or hair and tell me she loves me and that it is okay.  It always reminds me of my blessings, and how time really flies. 

Whoa!  That was really difficult.  There’s something in my eye! 

I encourage you, reader, to make up your own list.  It will be great to look back on, and maybe one day, you can share these with your kiddos and have fun remembering.  :)

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