Friday, June 13, 2014

Ideas of ways to increase home learning activities

I am going to put a little twist on my thoughts about home activities, I am going to give some ideas of ways to help your child learn at home...some may be pretty obvious, but its always nice to have a refresher ;)

Recognize teachable moments- Learning moments happen all day long! Make everything you do or say a teachable moment: Bed time, bath time, driving in the car, dinner time, and most importantly play time! 

Describe everything- One way to make everyday a teachable moment is to describe EVERYTHING! Use colors, shapes, sizes, comparisons,and portions.

Music- We LOVE music!! We sing, have dance parties, and play instruments! Music helps speech and gross motor development---make up silly songs about everything, any time of the day.

Flash cards- describing and matching pictures can help children learn through repetition. This is how Keagan learned to read at a young age. (18 months) We started with flash cards, and even though he could not speak clear...he would point body parts or use sign language to read. Laynie has very little interest in flash cards...but loves to match.

T.V. time- We have "screen time" in our house hold. Keagan loves to learn by watching a movie. We often talk about feelings, and why someone may have done this or that in the movie...def helps social skills.

MOVE- teaching your children movement is super important. Aside from just playing outside we like to do nature walks, following the leader games, exercise, ride bikes, tag, and jumping!

Art- We LOVE art. Painting, coloring, beads, and gluing activities to name a few.

Use their words-It is really important for your child's language development to make them use their words!  Do not guess what your child is asking for when they grunt or point. Children learn from example, make sure you speak clear...and slow...I have realized both my children have an issue with rate of speech. It is so fast and they are hard to understand. I did not realize this until their speech therapist pointed it out!

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