Thursday, October 17, 2013

Best Family Vacation~priddymomma

Princess Cheerio is 18 months old.  We haven't gone on an official vacation with her yet.  This summer, we went camping.  While it was still fun, I thought we had to build an ark.  These pictures were from one of the rare sunny post-rain moments. 

We went camping at Tippecanoe River State Park in Winamac, Indiana right after I found out I was pregnant with Princess Cheerio.  That stands as our favorite family vacation.  The weather was great, Cheerio Champ loved being outdoors, and we did some real bonding as a family.

I ended up sleeping rather a lot as I was exhausted from the first trimester of pregnancy.  We couldn't do nearly as much hiking as we wanted, because the mosquitoes were terrible on the trails!  But it ended up being so relaxing and fun.  We didn't anticipate how much we would enjoy just being there and being outside.  The campsite there had plenty to see and a playground for Cheerio Champ to visit.  The bathrooms had tree frogs, which Cheerio Champ thought was awesome.  And the long car trip was pleasant as Cheerio Champ loves car rides.  Oh yeah.  Our car battery died overnight as well, but we got a jump from a friendly camper and made it home just fine.  All-in-all, it just goes to show you that the road bumps are the parts that make a trip memorable.  If your vacation isn't going as planned, there might just be more fun in store than you could have imagined. 

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