Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dad's Role In The Home Then & Now Guest Post by Josh ~Tori's Husband

A guest post from my husband Josh on his role as a father then and now...

Dad's are so much different these days than they were years ago. Years ago a father's main role was to be the breadwinner and oversee finances. These days fathers take much more of a role in their wife and children's lives. We can be more of a help to our wives, take more responsibility with our children, and still do everything we did years ago except we are more involved.
With each child, each age your child reaches, etc., I think a father's role changes all the time.
I help out more around the house now that we have two kids compared to when we just had our oldest son. More responsibilities are put on each one of us, and we help each other.
Tori stays home with the children which is something we both talked about and wanted, but instead of me handling the finances as I would have had to do years ago we usually budget together. That way we can discuss all things jointly rather than separate as would have happened years ago. It makes things run smoother.
I love being more hands on with my kids and am so thankful that we are in the day and age we are. Years ago father's weren't as active in their child's life. I look forward to all sports games, camping trips, teaching them things throughout life, etc. I don't mind changing diapers, helping with laundry, chores, cooking, etc.
So while I do believe that mothers are wonder-woman each in their own sense, I also think dad's are super-man in our own sense. And I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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