Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Personal Goals for April ~ Tori

Today I'm going to share with you some of my personal goals I have set for myself for the month of April 2013.
This is going to be a simple post for me because I am a list person. I make grocery lists, goal lists, chore lists, etc. Even if I lose them and have to start over lists help keep me grounded, and I already have my goal list made out for the month of April.

Keep Exercising
I have been working out every day. I can't always get to all the routines I want to work through because when your a mom things happen. BUT...I have been making sure to exercise daily. I usually do so in the morning when everyone is asleep, but there are the occasional times my ruckus will wake up the kiddos and I either need to find a workout routine they can join me in (like yoga), or wait until everyone is in bed. This is part of a long-term goal in my weight loss mission, but exercising helps me feel so much better. I've been on this journey before, but I admit I've gotten lazy and given up time after time. I'm going to keep with it though because I am more determined this time around.

Keep Eating Healthy Foods
This has been the most hardest goal for me. I am a huge fan of chocolate. I'm talking BIG. When there is chocolate in the house I am suddenly an addict and I must get my chocolate fix. BUT, I have been doing my best to restrain myself. NOT to say I haven't slipped now and again because let's face it, as much as you guys think so, I'm not perfect. LOL (joke there, I'm really not that self-centered in real life I promise).
Anyway I have been watching portions, I've been watching what types of foods I eat, been watching calories, etc. It's hard for me because I love food. I love to cook, I love to eat, and I grew up with a high metabolism. I was able to eat any and everything without gaining weight, until the last five years or so.
I find that I have actually started craving certain vegetables and fruits since I've incorporated them more into my eating plan. I actually reached for an apple over a fudge round the other day! I almost had a heart attack myself. Even though I'm sure I'm going to fall off the healthy eating wagon now and again I'm determined to stick to this. I'm hoping I don't fall off, but I don't want to set myself up for disappointment either. I'm going to do my best to meet this goal, and so far so good. Gotta keep at it.

Take More Pictures
Even though I don't have as nice a camera as listed above (I do wish, however), I do have a camera. I take pictures, but not as much as I should I admit. I'm a lazy photographer. I love taking pictures so why I neglect my camera is a mystery. I'm going to work on that. While I don't share pics of my kids online I want to have more pictures of them. I take pictures of them often, but I need to more often. These years are too short for my liking. My oldest is five and while I love seeing how he has grown it makes me sad. Time is flying! I always get too caught up in life and forget to just be STILL. I rush around here and there, getting chores done, running errands, planning, and I don't take as much time as I would like to just ENJOY! And I want to document these wonderful times because they go quickly. If it's my kids making silly faces, us coloring, a flower with a bumblebee perched atop it, a tree blooming, I want to photograph it to keep for my memories. There's too much beauty in the world not to.

Spend More Quality Family Time / Relax and Enjoy
We always spend time together as a family. I play with my kids daily, we have lessons, activities, etc. But it's still not as much time as I'd like. No matter how much I urge it to take a vacation, Life comes knocking on my door followed by it's good friend Chores. But it's time to do more activities together. Hubby has been working quite a bit lately. It's been rough on everyone, but mostly the kids. The other day he was off and we were packing. The kids were being good and coloring quietly. We decided to take a break and color with them. It was all so reserved which is usually nice, but we were thinking when the last time we actually had some loud crazy fun. It was time to get our sillies out! So we all bundled up (as we had a snowstorm), and took the kids outside for awhile. We had a crazy insane snowball fight, and it was a blast! We all chased each other (even my 2 year old got in on the action), and just let loose. It was awesome, even the part when I got blasted square in the face with a giant ball of snow and it filled my nostrils (It was even crazy hilarious to me). There was so much crazy laughter, stress forgotten for the time being, and it was just some plain ole' quality family time. It was much needed, and we came back in and enjoyed some hot chocolate while all snuggled on the couch. Life gets so hectic that it's easy to rush through things, or be focused on one thing when your suppose to be having family time. Sometimes we gotta just relax and enjoy.

Organize Our Household
We are moving in a few short days, and upon our packing journey I realized a sad fact: I am not as organized as I thought I was. Seriously I need to get better with this, I'm a MOM! We are suppose to be organized with everything in it's rightful place! But I'll let you in on a little secret, I don't. SHHH!!! No wonder why I always have a cluttered closet in my house somewhere! So during my spring cleaning journey, and in the month of April, I will be eliminating tons of stuff while organizing keeps. There are so many ideas on Pinterest on how to organize. Pins I've pinned, and it's time to make good use of them. I have a lot organized, but I need to organize BETTER. I want to have NO cluttered closets, and I want every object to have it's rightful place. It may sound like a fantasy land, but it can happen. I'm bound and determined. LOL

So these are some of my major personal goals for the month of April. I have an entire list, but these are the main ones I'll be working on. Stay tuned for Priddymomma's post on Thursday and Leslie's on Saturday! I'm eager to hear their goals myself! :)
What are some of your goals for the upcoming month?

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