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(A)Typical Tuesday~priddymomma

SURPRISE!  I get to be first this week!  Tori has some sick kiddos, so either you’ll hear from her later this week or you’ll have to contain yourselves until next week.  I’m sure you all know how it is. 

This week, we’re covering A Day in the Life.  It was an interesting day I took notes on.  I had planned to tell you all that my days aren’t normally like this and that they aren’t usually this hectic…but maybe they are.  What is NOT the usual, however, is my injury.  You see, I unwisely decided a bench in the middle of the mall at 11:30 p.m. was the perfect place for a Broadway Dance number.  It turns out that it is not.  I stepped down from said dance number and abruptly rolled my ankle.  Talk about your show-stopper!  Total drag, as I was on a date with the hubby at the time.  I’m recovering though.  Thank-you for your concern.  I’m an idiot.  I know.  Anyway, we were out late on a Monday night, so I got up late on Tuesday and had to deal with an injury.  All-in-all, I was fairly miserable.  Fun fun. 

Without further ado, here it is! 

Tuesday April 9th, 2013

6 a.m.-Wake up after five hours of sleep.  Pee.

Injured so just remained in bed.  Hubby was nice enough to bring me food and drink.  Hubby leaves for work.  Read until Cheerio Champ wakes up

8 a.m.-Spent 1 hour in room with Cheerio Champ.  Playing, reading, and tossing around Spanish vocabulary

Got him set up to get ready and started on chores

9 a.m.-Got Princess Cheerio up and nursed.  One hour behind normal schedule.

Eat a few bites of leftovers from fridge while assembling breakfast for the kids

8:30 a.m. -Breakfast-granola, yogurt, and fruit for Cheerio Champ

Yogurt, fruit, and cheerios for Princess Cheerio

Princess Cheerio spits food in my face.

10 a.m.-Changed Princess Cheerio-poop gets on a block.  Don’t ask.

Cheerio Champ’s reading a chapter book nicely.

Cheerio Champ wants to be tickled.  Tickling occurs.  Princess Cheerio very upset she is being left out.  Princess Cheerio gets tickled.  The pattern continues until injured ankle is tapped and I am DONE.

Clean poop block

Cheerio Champ wants to sweep up stray cheerios

Take board book from Princess Cheerio.  Books are not food.

Put away dishes in drainer

Wash highchair tray and drainer of dishes and wipe down table and highchair.

Start laundry.

Sweep up cheerios Cheerio Champ no longer cares about

Give Princess Cheerio the baby doll Cheerio Champ took from her

Take Furby away from Cheerio Champ for the day for screaming the same nonsense over and over in my face. 

Thank Cheerio Champ for giving Princess Cheerio her baby doll back.  Watch kids pass doll back and forth for a while.

Cheerio Champ is upset about the cheerios he didn’t get to finish sweeping up.

Try to sneak a cupcake in the kitchen while the kids are playing

Everybody has a cupcake.

Clean up cupcake mess. 

Kids extra whiney.  Both are tired and both got shots yesterday at the doctor’s office and are not feeling their best.

Realize I need to pay power bill today.  Can’t immediately find power bill.  Find it in the bathroom…

On way back to computer desk, stub toe and jar injured ankle.  Cursing follows.  Small amount of tears.  Now fury.  Realize Cheerio Champ saw entire episode.  Now need to address behavior issue as he is kicking things and screaming a colorful word.

Fill water bottle and finally put away cereal from this morning. 

Limp to computer desk, only to have to look for the power bill again.  CHEERIO CHAMP is trying to eat it after taking it from Princess Cheerio, who was also trying to eat it. 

Princess Cheerio wants me to read Goodnight Moon and I tell her just a minute.  She begins slamming book against gate and falls and cries.  

Comfort her and read the damn book.  Cheerio Champ interrupts to tell me George Washington’s birthday (February twenty-two!). 

Put her down, only to have her slam book and cry again.  Now Cheerio Champ wants to read Goodnight Moon.  Tug-of-war.

Scold Cheerio Champ for talking meanly to Princess Cheerio.  Scold Princess Cheerio for playing with the vent.

Watch Princess Cheerio booty bump the door and giggle.  I giggle, not her.  She’s very serious about this booty bumping. 

Watch Princess Cheerio booty bump baby gate.  Tell Cheerio Champ not to booty bump baby gate.

Finally get soggy power bill paid online.

Tell Cheerio Champ to quit chewing on Goodnight Moon.  Tell him to put it back on bookshelf as he took it in his room to chew on it where I couldn’t see him.

Tell Cheerio Champ not to touch a birthday present for a friend.

Kids are yelling.

Kids are making rude noises. 

Headache.  Ankle is swelling more.

Getting set up for nap time.  Tell Cheerio Champ to leave baby gate alone.

Get Cheerio Champ set up with some presidents information he can look through (as per request).  


Take book Princess Cheerio is eating.

Turn on lullaby music.

Come to find that I didn’t actually add laundry to the washer.  Trying again.

Ankle throbs and I almost fall.  Cheerio Champ laughs at me.

12:30 p.m.-change Princess Cheerio (finally dressed in day clothes) and nurse down for nap.

1:45 p.m.-Quiet time for Cheerio Champ

Elect not to exercise or homeschool…or do much of anything due to swelling in ankle.  Curl up in bed.

Hear Cheerio Champ in hysterics.  Rush in to find he has a new hopefully-not-hobby:  stuffing toys in his nose.  Toy comes out.  Lecture…and life goes on.

2:30 p.m.-change Princess Cheerio and curl up in bed again

2:45 p.m.-hubby calls.  Hobble my ass to phone in dining room.  Coming home early.

Finally get to shower and wash baby food off my arm from this morning

3:10 p.m.- hubby is home

3:20 p.m.- hubby changes Princess Cheerio and puts her in highchair while I assemble lunch

3:30 p.m.-late lunch for kids and no lunch for me.  Didn’t feel like standing any longer.

Hubby is nice enough to clean up after lunch 
Find out my brother and his girlfriend aren’t coming over after all.  Relieved in a way because my ankle aches, but sad we don’t have plans

Kids play/scream/beat me up while hubby makes egg sandwiches for dinner

5:30 p.m.- dinner.  I get some veggies and fruit to go with sandwiches.

I need desperately to lay down, so hubby is kind enough to allow me to.  He finishes dinner with the kids, cleans up, and bathes Princess Cheerio.  

I wake up to Princess Cheerio screaming in the bath tub.  I have napped for fifteen minutes.  Wooo!  I feel better for it though.

Hubby takes care of after bath routine with Princess Cheerio and reads her a story.  I play with Cheerio Champ a bit.  He tries to bite me during tickles.  

Nursing Princess Cheerio while hubby showers Cheerio Champ and reads to him and puts him to bed.

8 p.m.-Bedtime for Princess Cheerio.

Hubby is studying Tai Chi via DVD.  I collapse in a heap and drowse/read for twenty minutes before looking for a snack. 

Remember that there are wet clothes in the washer and throw them in the dryer.  Fold massive basket of laundry.

Play Mario Party 8 with hubby.

Feed cats.  Check on kids.  Brush teeth.

10 p.m.-bed.

10:30 p.m.-pee.

11:00 p.m.-pee again.

Can you relate?  What is a day like for you?  Any topic requests?  Comment or email us at  We’d love to hear from you!  Look for Leslie’s post on Saturday!

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