Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tori's Cleaning Schedule

Having two small kiddos (both boys none-the-less) makes keeping a clean house challenging. It isn't impossible, but it is almost like trying to rebuild a house while a tornado is still twisting all around you.

When I was a new stay at home mom I was so exhausted from all the cleaning I was doing. In addition to taking care of my newborn I was trying to keep a spotless house. I had no time for sleep, reading, etc. As a matter of fact I was lucky to get two hours of sleep a day for three months straight because my baby had his days and nights mixed up.
FINALLY I seen the light at the end of the tunnel and realized that I just had to quit pushing myself. And I quickly found the best thing that works for me and my family. And that is:
A cleaning schedule!
I break my chores down by day instead of trying to tackle everything every single day. And on the days we run errands, have a lot of appointments, etc., I make sure not to schedule any chores that are too hard to get done. Here's an example of my cleaning schedule:::

Clean kitchen table
Clean counter-tops & stove
Sweep kitchen floor
Take out trash
Scrub down sink when I'm done with dishes for the day

Take out trash
Clean counter
Wipe out tub
Wipe down toilet seat & rim (with boys this is a must)
Clean mirror
Sweep floor
Scrub down sink

Do a general pick up
Make beds
Straighten nightstands

Living Room
Make sure if there are toys they are put away
Make sure there is no clutter and if there is pick it up (there usually is btw)

These are the ones that I break up during days. I may do the kitchen on a Monday and the Bathroom on a Tuesday. I may even do more than one of these a day depending on what the day is looking like, that way I'm not overwhelmed and things still get done.

Throw out any old food if there is any
Clean outside of appliances
Wipe down fridge inside and out
Wipe down faucets

Clean toilet bowl
Spray the shower with shower cleaning spray

Gather laundry, wash, fold, put away (sometimes iron depending on the clothes)
Straighten up dressers and closets (because they are usually all rifled through and messy by this point)
Wash bed linens in every bedroom

Living room
Clean TV
Clean TV stand
Clean display cabinet (dust and wipe down)
Straighten closets in the place as well if needed

The following are the chores I usually only do monthly. These are in addition to the daily and weekly chores.

Clean inside of stove, and make sure under the range is cleaned out
Scrub down inside of microwave
Dust blinds
Wipe down windowsills
Clean windows

Scrub down tiling and faucets
Straighten linen closet & wipe down shelves

Dust blinds
Clean windowsills
Clean windows
Dust bookshelves

Living room
Dust blinds
Clean patio doors
Sweep outdoor space
Vacuum inside of couch
Pull couch out and vacuum underneath
Vacuum under TV stand

There you go, that's about the normal breakdown of my cleaning schedule. This of course doesn't include any errands, food prep, etc., that needs to be done. Sometimes I also add a few chores depending on what needs done. However, by breaking it up into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks I get done what I need to and don't beat myself up in the process. It works for our family, and gives me more time to spend with the family. Do you do your cleaning on a schedule?

Stay tuned for Priddymomma's post on Thursday and Leslie's on Saturday.
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