Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Homebirth vs. Hospital Birth

Where you are going to deliver your child is extremely important. Decisions have to be based on personal beliefs, what your own wishes are, and most importantly the needs of your baby.
I know women who have delivered at home, and women that choose hospital birth.

My personal recommendation, is you make your decision based on your pregnancy and the amount of care you wish to have. Put your babies needs over your own, and factor in everything. No pregnancy is alike. If your pregnancy is difficult you may strongly consider a hospital birth just to be on the safe side. If your pregnancy has been a piece of cake (I do know a few women who have had super easy pregnancies believe it or not) then you could opt to take the home birth route if you desire, of course ensuring that medical assistance will be there as well. (again just to be on the safe side).

Personally, I only slightly considered home birth. At first it sounded appealing because I didn't need to leave the comforts of my own home. I could deliver in our own home, no need to worry about hospitals or anything like that. But as I did more research I realized it just wasn't that easy. If there are complications you have to go to a hospital anyway. And once your baby is in the world every second matters in your babies (and yours) health. I was just too afraid to risk it and I immediately tossed that notion aside. I wanted to be in a hospital setting where everything was there at the ready just in case I needed it. I had slightly difficult pregnancies (both of them) which both involved a lot of bed rest so now way was I going to chance anything.

But only you can decide what is best for you and each option has it's pros and cons. Here's a few:

  • low cost
  • delivering in a familiar setting
  • using your own bathroom/shower
  • sleeping in your own bed, eating your own food
  • cultural or religious concerns
  • more control over birthing process

  • if you develop a pregnancy complication such as preeclampsia, preterm labor, or anemia
  • have had a tricky pregnancy with complications along the way
  • your vitals and the babies are only monitored periodically instead of continuously
  • your baby could show signs of distress needing more medical attention than can be offered at that specific time, delaying help
  • labor doesn't progress
  • there may be complications in delivering baby or placenta
  • you or the baby may end up having to be moved to the hospital anyway if more attention and care is needed

  • Mother and baby are continuously monitored
  • If something goes wrong there is medical attention there and ready
  • Pain medication if you need it
  • Mother and baby can be monitored after delivery to ensure good health recovery
  • Free baby products to use while your staying (most hospitals that I know of supply you with a paci (if you choose to use one), diapers, wipes, etc.
  • If a problem arises there are always other obstetricians, nurses, doctors, etc that can lend a helping hand if need be.
  • If an emergency C section should need to be performed you are right there and they will get you ready

  • costly
  • your in an unfamiliar setting
  • hospital clothes and foods
  • less control

But in all honesty the pros far outweigh the cons to me when it comes to hospital birth.

Now I'm not downing any who have chosen the homebirth method. If you chose it and made it successfully through, congrats to you! We all have to consider our options, but the main thing is to research them thoroughly before making a decision. And always be prepared. Because pregnancy and delivery are tricky. Anything can change at any given time and we must always be prepared. Just make sure you have good medical help no matter what you choose, and always consider what is best for your baby over your wants and desires.

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