Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cleaning Schedule - Leslie

Right.  My cleaning schedule.  Okay.  Well, I use the terms "clean" and "schedule" loosely.  What I have is more of a guideline... or merely a suggestion, really.

What I really lack in the cleaning department at home is help.  Asking Fiance to do some laundry and then coming in to find that he washed, dried, and piled it all up on the bed for me to put away.  Or do the dishes, where he'll do one sink full but leave two for me, and all of the dishes that could have been easily rinsed out after they were used are now sitting there with dried food and paper towels stuck to them.  Little Miss A is good at picking up her toys in one room and piling them up in another.

Laundry.  That's what I really hate.  I feel like it's everywhere, all the time.  Maybe this post of mine will instead be a "Help Leslie Out" post.  What suggestions do you have to get people to help, or at least make things seem less daunting for me?  I have the kind of personality where I flit from room to room trying to get things done because having to do it ALL seems so overwhelming.  Basically, I never know where to start, especially when the piles of stuff start to grow and grow.

I try to keep up with dishes daily and I do try to do at least one or two loads of laundry per day.  Maybe I just need to learn to maintain.  If the house isn't going to kill my family in some way, that's doing good, right?  Man, this post is short.  But, really, help please!

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