Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Second Ammendment Rights

This week's topic will be on gun control and the second amendment.
My take is that our right to keep and bear arms should not be taken away. I agree 100% with the picture I posted above. "Evil does not exist within a gun. It exists in the minds and hearts of those who pull the trigger for evil purposes." Guns don't kill people by themselves, people kill people.
Do I believe guns are safe around kids? No I do not. If your a gun owner I believe your kids should not even know you have a gun, and they should be kept locked and hidden so children do not stumble across them. My father legally owned a gun and my entire life I didn't know he even had one. Kids see no harm and they often mistake real guns for toys not realizing their deadly effects.

This has all stemmed from shootings particularly in schools, business, etc. But the fact we can't ignore is regardless if we outlaw guns criminals are still going to get their hands on them as easily as they can get drugs, etc. It's juvenile for us to think we can completely ban something that can so easily be obtained.
To truly solve the problem of school shootings we need to have higher security. I am constantly hearing that funds are not available for that, but I don't see why they aren't. It would cost about the same or less to fund school security rather than spend money trying to ban guns. There are other places we could cut costs because nothing is more important than protecting our children.

The second amendment is in the bill of rights, it is our right. I don't believe legal gun owners should have to give up that right because there are evil people out there that could obtain a weapon regardless of a license or not.

I am against gun control, it is our right. I don't even own a gun but I stand for all the legal gun owners out there. It's been around since December 15, 1791. There's no need in taking away people's rights because there are responsible gun owners out there. Why punish the mass for the mistakes of a few individuals? Guns are not evil, people are evil. That isn't going to change with gun control, that isn't going to stop school shootings, that isn't going to stop burglaries, murders, etc.
Cars don't make drivers drive drunk, and guns don't shoot people. People make the choice to drive drunk, people make the choice to abuse guns, people make the choice to abuse drugs.

Our rights are our rights and we shouldn't have to sacrifice them. Why punish the innocent responsible parties over the evil fool decisions of the irresponsible?

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