Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Importance of You Time - Leslie

My goodness!  I'm late!

I mean... posting this, not... you know.

Yesterday, Fiance made me go to Arcticon (or nerd central, in other words) with him.  I thought I would get home with enough time to post, but of course he wanted to stay later, and being three hours away, we didn't get home in time.  I apologize!  But along with having time for yourself, you should also do things with your significant other that make them happy that you may not be interested in.  I was just being a good person...  :)

Anyway, onto the topic at hand - the importance of taking time out of your busy schedule to do something for yourself.  I have always been a loner.  When spending time with people, I prefer to do it in a smaller setting with fewer people.  I don't like huge parties or large gatherings.  I feel sapped of energy when I'm around too many people, and I need to have time alone to recharge.  Working as a school bus assistant, my work schedule is split.  I work early morning (6am-9am), have a long break, and then head back to work around 1:30pm.  That time during the day is spent at home with A.  We go to story time at the library on Tuesdays, read together at home, watch a show together, do crafts, play with her toys, and sometimes throw in a little cuddle-y nap. 

After work, I usually feel pretty drained.  Not from working too hard (the job is extremely simple, but very rewarding), but from being around so many people.  Kids are constantly chattering and asking questions, some decide good behavior is not on the agenda that day, they bicker with each other, and they just generally act like kids do.  It's part of the job, which I don't mind at all.  When I get home, though, I feel like I need a little time to recharge.

When Fiance gets home from work, I usually ask him to keep A occupied for a while so I can just sit and think, or read, or just lay there for a bit.  I don't need a really long time.  Just a few moments to myself.  Then I can get dinner made, or clean something up, or spend more time with A. 

It is very important to take time for yourself because if you are completely run down, you aren't able to be the best you can be for your spouse, your kids, your job, etc.  As mothers, we worry all of the time about doing what is best for our loved ones.  YOU should be on your list of loved ones as well.  Your family needs you to be taken care of as well.  If you recharge best by having a small chunk of time each day to yourself, have dad take the kids for awhile or, better yet, put them to bed a little earlier.  That way you can have a little free time and so can dad if he wants.  Or if you need time away completely, schedule in a day each month that you can spend outside the home.  Go for a walk, go shopping or just window shop.  Go to the park and read under a tree.  Have coffee with a girlfriend.  Do something just for you.  This goes for dad's, too. 

Everyone needs a break once in a while, and it will make you a better person overall because you won't be so stressed.  Let yourself not worry about the bills for a while, or doctor appointments, or deadlines, or your crappy neighbor, or work, or ANYTHING.  It's not selfish to take care of yourself as well, because you will be less stressed and feel better, making everything else easier.   I promise.  :)

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