Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Diaper Bag Essentials ~ Tori

Diaper bags are a necessity when young ones are involved. But a few questions remain on how big of a diaper bag do you need? How long do you carry one? What do you put in there? etc.

This week we will hopefully be helping answer some of those questions. First let me start by giving a few of the diaper bag essentials:

Diapers/Extra Pair of Toddler Underwear (the amount of diapers can be controversial, only you know your baby. Typically they recommend one for each hour you are going to be out and about but I take along an additional three extras just in case. When talking diapers it's always better safe than sorry. And I take along an extra pair of underwear for my oldest whom is five. He is fully potty trained but there has been a couple times there has been an accident even though we frequently have him potty)
Wipes (make sure you have a well stocked box or better yet the easy to pack packs)
Bottles/Sippy Cups (obvious)
Hand Sanitizer (for after diaper changes and when you need to clean your hands but there's no time or place)
Changing pad (or baby blanket/towel that you don't mind gets stained or dirty. This is helpful when you need to do a diaper change and need to lay your baby on something)
Pacifier (if your child takes one, mine didn't)
Bottle of water (obvious)
Sunscreen (again obvious)
An extra change of clothing for your child (accidents do happen, especially when you don't expect them. you can roll the clothes army style after folding and it doesn't wrinkle plus takes less space)
Small first aid kit (I can't tell you how many times I didn't have one and wished I had, I do now)
Busy toys (for the times your child is bored/cranky and needs something to keep them busy. This is best put in a ziploc bag big or small and includes crayons, paper, board books, an easily packed toy your child likes, etc)

And here's a great diaper bag tip: Make sure you can fit a couple things for yourself in there as well. Parent's sometimes have items needed to bring also. I for one never go anywhere without bringing a book along and a bottle of water for myself. And make sure you have a place for your wallet and keys to fit conveniently.

How long do you carry a diaper bag? What kind of diaper bag should you carry?
A controversial topic- everyone views this differently. Only you know your child and your child's needs. Personally as a mother to two young children (2 and 5) I still carry a diaper bag. Usually I keep a diaper bag in the trunk of my car since my kids are a bit older.
If your child is younger than two I recommend carrying one at all times just to be safe. Otherwise I recommend keeping one in the trunk of your car at least until your child is out of the accident range or around age 7. Nobody has to know you have it in there and it really doesn't matter if they do. You are doing what is best for your child and if an accident happens at least you are prepared. If your child is older you can switch to a tote bag/backpack etc. A diaper bag doesn't HAVE to be a diaper bag. It's what fits you best. Carry what feels comfortable and has enough room for all your needs.

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