Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Introductions - Kim

Hello! This is my first post here in Cheerios-land, so I should probably introduce myself, no?
Er. LexPro? Can you move your foot?
Ah, there we go. Much better. ^_^
I'm Kim! I am currently a working mama of one super hyperactive four year old, LexPro. Prior to my full time job, I was a stay at home mommy, but now I work in Credit Reporting for a bank regarding Student Loans (boo, hiss). I am also attending school for a degree in Law. With all that going on, I am also writing my first novel. I am a video game and manga/anime fan, and I'm a gigantic procrastinator too. My husband is a huge video game nerd, and he loves his DC Comics.

We also have a diva of a Chihuahua, Miss Princess Gizmo. Yes, she was named after the Gremlin of the same name because she looks just like it. My husband will hate me for calling her a "princess", but she is and I'm going to keep calling her that.

Me and my boys!
Any-who, I'm really excited to write for The Case of the Missing Cheerios! :)  Have an awesome day!

Ta Ta For Now!

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