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Diaper Bags~priddymomma

When  Cheerio Champ was in his in infancy, I was insane.  I carried half the house around with me and bought an expensive Graco bag that matched the theme for the nursery.  I really liked that bag, but it wasn’t easy to access all the compartments and such at times, and I carried so many things that it was difficult to find what I was looking for.  It was stocked 24-7, just in case, and I fought the zipper tooth and nail to get it closed.  So I speak from experience when I say:  you don’t need all that.  I can count on one hand the times that I’ve used those travel size lotions, shampoos, and body washes.  Walking around with a diaper that is packed to the gills is unnecessary.  You aren’t going to be in the wilderness for three days.  You’re probably just going to the store.  And let’s face it:  if you really needed something that you left at home, you could likely BUY a duplicate while you are at the store. 

I still carry a diaper bag for Princess Cheerio (15 months).  Here are the contents:
  • Pen and pencil
  • Tic tacs (for bribes or distraction) or some gum (for hubby or myself)
  • Water bottle (for me) and sippy cup (for Princess Cheerio)
  • Feminine hygiene product (just in case)
  • Hand sanitizer and a moist towelette or two
  • 5-10 diapers
  • Travel size wipes
  • One complete change of clothes and spare sun hat
  • Bib
  • Baby spoon in plastic sandwich bag
  • Changing pad or changing blanket
  • One or two toys or books
  • Travel size Vaseline for diaper changes
  • Extra bottle of water
  • Plastic grocery bag(s)-sometimes you just don’t have the place to put a dirty diaper right away.  And with some messes…well.  You’ll wish you had one.  I remember vividly tossing an entire outfit.  Socks too.
  • Hair clip for me attached to the strap
  • Band aids.  You’ll want them eventually.
  • My purse (the advantage to having a small one is that I can just toss the entire thing in the diaper bag when it’s time to roll)
  • Emergency container of cheerios
  • Back pocket contains shopping list or things I need to keep track of for a short period of time as it has no zipper

And that’s it.  Depending on where we’re going, I’ll add in something else, like maybe bug spray or sunscreen for the park, or something for Cheerio Champ to do if I know he’ll be stir crazy.  If you have a younger baby, you might also wish to carry a nursing cover, formula and/or bottles, nursing pads, burp cloths, or a pacifier.  You’ll also want more than one spare change of clothes and probably more bibs.  For everyone, I highly advise buying things just for the diaper bag.  If you need a container of wipes in the diaper bag and one for the changing table, have two.  If you keep carrying it back and forth, the day will come when you forget to pack it at all.  And we all know how long it takes to get out the door when you have kids with you.  Having a bag mostly ready to go is a great time saver.

When Cheerio Champ began potty training, I downgraded to a cloth bag that I could load on the fly.  I carried a change of clothes and wipes.  Another alternative is to get your child a backpack that is their size and have them carry it about.  We did that when we went camping once, and Cheerio Champ loved it. 

Picking a Diaper Bag

What diaper bag you pick will be dependent on how long you want to carry it and who is going to be doing the carrying.  You might love the hot pink unicorn diaper bag, but your man might not dig it quite so much.  Personally, hubby didn’t mind either way, but I went with green.

Here are some things you might appreciate:
  • Affordability- I had no interest in a $150 designer diaper bag that is designed to look like a purse.  What is the point?  I paid around $30.
    This is a really nice diaper bag and all, but $480 worth?  No thanks.
  • Light weight and with wide, comfortable straps- With all those things in your bag and a baby on your hip, you’ll want a lighter bag that doesn’t cut into your shoulder.
  • Ability to open bag wide-My bag has two zippers that run across the top and open completely.  You’ll have to get around by feel if you can’t see what you’re after.
  • Just say no to lining-Unless you are carrying full bottles inside the bag, nix the lining.  When the bag gets older, the lining tears and you will either cut yourself on it or lose things in the hole.  Or both. 
  • Machine washable-If you’ve ever found that odd mixture of crumbly, dusty matter at the bottom of a bag, you’ll understand.  Plus, please.  You know you’ve sat it down on bathroom floors, car roofs, and under tables.  Ew.

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