Monday, July 29, 2013

Children's Book Review - "My Name is Not Alexander" - Kim

Hello! This week we're reviewing children's books! That is, our kids are!

LexPro and I chose My Name Is Not Alexander by Jennifer Fosberry. It tells the story of a little boy with big dreams about who he wants to be, bringing up such historical figures like Fred Astaire, Theodore Roosevelt, and Jackie Robinson. There is another version of the book, My Name Is Not Isabella for girls, featuring female historical figures. We owned the book because obviously, LexPro loves books where the protagonist has the same name as himself.

Instead of me writing out a review, we decided the easiest way to get a review was a reading of the book and video review. :) Enjoy!

So to conclude, LexPro thinks the book is "good," likes the Theodore Roosevelt part, and he feels that other kids would like the book. :)

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