Saturday, August 10, 2013

busy bee's

Well I can't decide if this is fortunate or unfortunate, but I definitely know a lot about keeping busy! The down side is I don't feel like we have down time sometimes. Anywhoo, I like to keep my children busy by involving them in EVERYTHING! Cooking (when I do), cleaning (when I do...haha), exercise (I DO keep up on this!), helping each other, and other everyday stuff.

       At the beginning of the season, I got our first watermelon. We LOVE watermelon. Anyways I went to cut it, and Keagan says he wants to help. I HATE cutting stuff (except hair) and my head I'm slightly annoyed...thinking...can I just cut this freakin thing so we can eat it? Of course not, Keagan must help. He runs and grabs his toy saw and tries to cut it. He definitely made me think about how rude I was being, being grumpy (in my head) about him wanting to simply help. He loves to cook. We often make these little pizzas out of whole grain sandwich thins, pizza sauce, fat free cheese, and turkey pepperoni. Before I asked him and Laynie to help me make them, Keagan would not eat them, but as soon as he started helping, he LOVES them! So I like to involve the kiddos with cooking, and now cutting fruit and vegetables so they will be more likely to eat it.

       I really enjoyed when my kids started exercising with me. I started with home videos when I started my weight loss journey/life style change. Keagan and Laynie will both now dance with me, and try to do the exercises.

        Last fall Keagan did soccer through the YMCA. This was a great way for him to meet new kids, and learn a sport. He really enjoyed it. I wanted to put him back in this year, but we received information about a bowling league for 3-5 year old children. I thought he would enjoy this as well. I had to ask him which he would rather do. He hasn't decided yet, but I think it is important to help your child find a sport, activity, or hobby they like and run with it. I don't think they should ever be overloaded with anything, but this is another way to keep your child busy!

        There are also programs for your children that promote healthy families. As you may have read I work at Early Head Start. In this program they have a home visitor come visit and work on appropriate goals for their age. Laynie LOVES when her teacher comes over to play. That is what it is to the kids, playing. This program, and others like it have many benefits. It keeps your child busy, makes sure your child is on the right track, and allows your family to bond. EHS has family days 2 times a month, and parent meetings.

         Some other things that keep us busy are:
  •  walking to the park
  •  reading books
  •  playing with toys
  • having "circle time"
  • visiting family and friends
  • having family and friends visit us
  • doing art
  • dance parties
  • writing
  • coloring
  • watching an occasional movie
  • church
  • just being goofy
  • flash cards
  • playing outside

We like to simply be goofy! Making paper bowls into hats...made their day------------------------------------------------>

and going on random jungle adventures!

So those are some ways we keep busy. Involve your children in anything you do! I am going to end with this:  my friend texted me the other day...she said, Oh my gosh, I am an evil genius!! I just used "simon says" to clean up! I would tell my daughter "simon says jump up and down" then I said "simon says put your shoes in your room" SHE DID IT and giggled the whole time! hahaha what a great idea! In the not so fun activities that your child struggles with, make it a game. I am totally going to use this, but I just remembered this great idea when I was typing this.

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