Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tap or Bottled Water: A first world quandary~priddymomma

As parents, we like to always make the best choices with our children, especially where health matters are concerned.  Many worry about what the safest way to give drinking water would be.  Can I give her water right out of the tap?  How clean is that really?  There's a lot of hype about phthalates.  Are bottles safe?  I consider myself lucky to live in a country where I have daily (heck hourly!) access to clean water, but I still wrestled a bit with the decision.  Some people feel very strongly about bottled water.  Some people are huge proponents of tap water.  I’m sort of on the side of tasty water.  If it tastes good and it’s clean, great!  

I have nothing against bottled water.  I’ve heard people go on and on about the dangers of BPA in the bottles, the battles to the environment, etc.  I carry an extra bottle of bottled water in the diaper bag, just in case I run out on a hot day.  I don’t think it’s a crime to keep my kids hydrated.  And what kid doesn’t love to play with a reused plastic water bottle?  I like to add a few drops of food coloring (tighten the lid Hercules-style or glue it even) to some water in the bottle.  It will keep young kids busy for ages.  In fact, that’s how my oldest learned his colors!

I also have naught against tap water.  Except that sometimes it sucks.  It really depends on a lot of factors.  For us, it’s older pipes.  More elements are creeping into our tap water because of erosion in the pipes, and it makes for water with almost a dry taste.  Our solution is a Pur water filter.  It filters out the nasty, keeps in the good.  Again, there are arguments about fluoride levels and such, but it doesn’t rank in my top fears.  You can’t worry about everything. 

Now what I do worry about is well water.  I am not a well water supporter.  And yes, I know some people prefer the taste of well water.  When I was pregnant with Cheerio Champ, I happened upon a really dark article about bacteria and parasites in well water (the wells in question were not maintained and cleaned as they should have been) causing the deaths of infants.  Their mothers used the well water to mix up bottles of formula.  That article scarred me for life.  I know it’s a minority risk and that most wells are perfectly safe, but I avoid letting my kids drink well water like I avoid the plague. 

Whatever you decide, know that you and your kiddos will most likely be just dandy.  

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