Monday, August 5, 2013

How Do You Keep Your Kids Busy? - Kim

Hello there! This week our topic is on Ways to Keep Your Children Busy. In my opinion, a busy child is one who is less likely to cause a scene, get into fights with other children, or destroy property (why yes, these have all happened to me with LexPro, why do you ask?). Coming up with activities to do, sports, school, or even going to events can all keep a child busy and happy.

LexPro loves baking with his aunt 'Chelle!
Ever since he was in the womb and even today, LexPro is a bundle of energy. He continues to kick, play and roll around. In essence, he could even be the next David Beckham.
Okay. I needed an excuse to use his picture. ;)
LexPro never wants for things to do, however. We have a lot of toys, games, and art supplies to keep him busy at home, and he loves to play Power Rangers and superheroes. When my husband ToPro is painting his Warhammer figurines, LexPro would also grab his coloring things and color next to him on his own coloring book. But that is just what we do at home; we luckily live near a playground and library, so we also take him there from time to time to play.
LexPro LOVES the swings!
LexPro is also into sports. He just finished a season with his soccer group at school. They participate in a program called Soccer Shots ( which is a nation-wide organization that specializes in teaching kids the fundamentals of not only soccer but team work and good sportsmanship. LexPro is kept busy and he learns some good tips for later in his athletic career. His coach actually gave him thumbs up for his team work skills. He's also signed up for hockey this year, which is sure to help him as well.  Sports are always a fun way to keep your kids busy, and they also encourage healthy exercise and social interaction with kids their age.
Okay, so that day was a bad day, but you live and learn!
Finally, other than games, toys, and sports, you can also take your kids out to keep them busy. For instance, there's always the zoo, pool, museums, fairs, or race tracks. Be wary, these do cost money, but they are a fun way to have a family day. As a one-child household, we do take advantage of the situation and try to take LexPro out as much as possible. He adores the race track and zoo, and we (and the family members who take him to these events as well) love the time together. Just be wary also that younger children may get bored or tired easily during such events, so plan accordingly. Have a back-up plan should your little one get tired or sick during your trip.
And always make sure you scrub the blue face paint off ASAP before it stains.
Trust me.
As I type this from my bathroom - yes, my bathroom! I had to hide out just to finish my post this week!! - LexPro is wrestling with my husband. I had better split and get them to calm down for bed time. Til next week, see ya!

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