Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cheerio Champ's book review~priddymomma

Hey guys!  Happy August!  Today, I have a book review from Cheerio Champ to share with you all.

Q:  What happens in the book?
A:  It’s scared.  David’s in time out and he’s sad.
priddymomma says:  David gets in trouble for breaking various house rules.  David’s mom finally puts him in time-out.  Despite the punishment, she loves him very much.

Q:  What was your favorite part?
A:  David’s playing with toys in the house. 

Q:  What was your least favorite part?
A:  David wanted to watch a movie, but he had to go to his room instead.

Q:  What was the craziest thing David did in the story?
A:  He watched a movie instead of putting his toys away.
priddymomma says:  The kid has a freaking chicken bone in his mouth at one point, along with other huge amounts of food.  The art in the book is hilarious.

Q:  Did David remind you of yourself?
A:  Uh...yeah.  Uh…yeah.
priddymomma says:  Uh…yeah.

Q:  Would you want to be David’s friend?  Why or why not?
A:  No, thanks.  He can’t be a good friend.  David’s mean.

Q:  Are the words hard or easy to read?
A:  Words are hard.
priddymomma says:  The words are super easy to read.  There’s never more than five on a page, and usually only around three. 

Q:  What do you think David and his mom will do after the end of the story?
A:  He put crayons on his wall.

Q:  What did you learn from this book?
A:  “No, David!” is a story and David hugs his mom.
priddymomma says:  What I’ve learned from this review would be that Cheerio Champ didn’t take any life-changing morals away from this book.  *sigh*

Q:  Do you think other kids should read this book?
A:  Yes.  I could read “No, David!”
priddymomma says:  And of course that means you should too!  I recommend it for ages 15 months to 5 years, as those are the ages of my kids and they adore it.  (Can you tell by the pictures of the pages that it has had a hard life?)

Thanks for reading!  See ya next week!

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